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Vietnamese herbs and spices

A kind of grass? No, a kind of Vietnamese herb

Jasmine Rice - main food in Vietnamese family's meals

Mustard Leaves - using to make soup

Picking up Morning Glory

Feeling happy when choosing exactly vegetable

Challenging to become Vietnamese farmer - picking up sweet cabbage

Visiting Vietnamese Medicine Garden

Try to identify which vegetable for cooking class

What is he doing? Oh! he's trying to pick up lemongrass

Vietnamese medicine garden - When visiting Vietnamese medicine garden visitors not only explore a large number of herbs, spices & vegetables but also understand these plants uses for medicine & cooking. Then, visitors will take on a great challenge in becoming real farmer on Vietnamese traditional hat and try to remember, identify and select exactly kinds of vegetables for cooking class & cooking show


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"I had a great trip in HCM Cooking Class, I love the garden so much with many herbs & spices, nice people and fresh environment. I think I will take your service in my next holiday. Thank you!"
Axelle - France
  "Your service is the best way to get to know Vietnamese culture & cuisine!"
Anouk - Dutch
  "I enjoyed so much interesting things in HCM Cooking Class, a beautiful garden and many friendly people. I will recommend all people I know to get your service. Thank you!"
Angeline - France
  “Hi, I can grow Vietnamese herbs & spices in my garden follow your instruction. It’s not difficult. Anyhow, Thank you for the great time I enjoyed your service in HCM Cooking Class”
Alexi – France
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