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The head chef executes Rice paper roll with pork & prawn

Picking up ingredients for cooking team
according to team leader & chef’s instruction

Quickly! We only have 1 hour for picking up ingredients & cooking

Now, time for cooking. Hurry up! We will be winning team

The head chef instructs people how to make chilli flower
for decorating dishes

Making dressing sauce for chicken salad

Fun time for people while cooking

The best way to discover yourself and all of members in team

It’s time to know winning team
after the head chef checks flavor and gives mark

A gift certificate for everyone

Team building cooking class is one of the most enjoyable and attractive program to awaken creative culinary talent, discover leadership skills & enjoy a lot of healthy food. For this program, visitors will be divided into small groups with a team leader & our professional chef. The team leader in each group will take high responsibilities for organizing the group in selecting healthy ingredients in Vietnamese medicine garden & cooking according to our chef’s instruction. At the end of program, the winning team will have a great gift from us.


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"We had a great trip in HCM Cooking Class, our students were very happy & excited with team building cooking class program, they can cook & they can show solidarity. Thank you so much for your best service!"
Adela & students - England
  "The best program for those who want to challenge, improve cooking skills. Thank you!"
Aileen - Scotland
  "A fun & interesting program. We learnt many things from team building cooking class program. Thank you!"
Baldric - England
  “We enjoyed so much exciting and fun things from team building cooking class, each member in my family can share & understand each other after a trip to Vietnam. Thank you so much!”
Aurora & her family – Italy
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