Vietnamese mint
(laksa leaves, hot mint, Vietnamese cilantro)
Vietnamese mint can reduce sexual desires, pregnant women should not use Vietnamese mint in large amounts.

Nutrition & healthy recipes  
1. Medicinal Properties
According agree: bearded anti-inflammatory effects downstream gas, stimulate digestion, except welding style, active blood poison.

It has been used in folk such as the following cases:
- Full stomach distension sluggish digestion using a handful of laksa leaves crushed clean drinking water squeezed.
- Nasal flu: a handful of bearded, ginger 3 slices, 20g laksa leaves, 20g shiso leaves 16g marjoram, 16g calamus, 10g chuanxiong and 10g angelica .Combination all of them inside the pot .slow cook about half hour and drink it
- Snake bite treatment: a handful of crushed mustache juiced drink to the victim. Residue cover on where the wound bandaged jack (to do sooner or good results)
  - Diarrhoea, abdominal pain due to cold: 16g laksa leaves (dried), white Atractylodes 12g, 16g marjoram, 12g wage Jiang, 10g cinnamon, 4g ginger, 4g baking powder. Pour 2 cup of water, 1 cup of sharp longer. Day in 2 divided doses.
- Feet of drinking water: mustache crushed up on where to get hurt. Or crushed spots where water remains sore. Day 2 time (keep the wound will dry to prevent multiple infections)
- Acne is the stage pointed mustache outline a handful, a few grains of salt. Two crushed, boil up into bands. Day1. This method for all cases of pimples, pressure will is in the early stages. Effects: Anti-inflammatory, blood work, poison.

Note: Mustache has very practical applications in everyday life. So each family should plant a small crowd in the garden where near water.
2. Use in food
vietnamese-mint   Vietnamese mint can use for different kind of cooking such as deep fryer spring roll, salad, rice soup with fish, duck egg, …

›› Recipe
  Lotus stems salad with prawn and pork (serves 4)

I. Ingredients

Ÿ •1 tbsp sugar
Ÿ •1 tbsp lemon juice
Ÿ •1 tbsp fish sauce
Ÿ •1 tsp water
Ÿ •½ tsp of chili and garlic (A pinch of salt optional)

Ÿ •150g pickled or fresh carrot
Ÿ •200g lotus stem, washed and cut into 5 cm lengths
Ÿ •150g shrimps, deveined, cooked and peeled
Ÿ •100g lean pork, cooked and thinly sliced
Ÿ •½ onion, peeled and thinly sliced
 •1 tbsp Vietnamese mint leaves, finely chopped

Ÿ •1 tbsp unsalted Crushed peanuts (groundnuts)
Ÿ •1 tsp Fried shallots
Ÿ •Shrimp crackers, deed fried: optional

II. Direction

• In a bowl adding lemon juice, sugar, warm water and fish sauce. Whisk until the sugar is dissolved completely
• Then add about ½ tea spoon of chopped chili and garlic. Taste it first and adjust with salt, chili or garlic as your convenience.

• Combine all salad ingredients prepare as above and mix well.
• Add salad dressing and toss gently.
• Arrange the salad on a serving plate. Garnish with crushed peanuts and fried shallots.
Serve immediately with the fish sauce and shrimp crackers on the side.

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