Though kumquats have a wide range of benefits, remember that moderation is important. Too much consumption can lead to the depletion of calcium in the body, resulting in dental decay and bone disease

Nutrition & healthy recipes  
1. Medicinal Properties
According to popular experience rules kumquats are used to treat sore throat and nagging cough very well

There's a simple way to treat cough. Just cut from four-year rule to result in a bowl with a lid, then sprinkle sugar candy (if you like sweet, then sprinkle a little more), bring steamed for about 15 minutes. Using both continuous and body water from three - five days will see reduced coughing and no pain like before

In addition, the dish is also very good jam rules for health. This jam is quite sophisticated than having a thin peeling bark, then use the trees for seeds, soaked overnight and then a slug of lime with sugar. Delicious jam is to switch left intact
  Simple way rather than cut and then just left the slugs with the rules. When you come home from work tired, just take out phase switch for hot or cold water is just water has just preventive beverage

Kumquats are used to sterilize the skin and oil from the shell which uses rules neuroleptic. So, after the outing, if you feel tired hands and feet, soak feet in warm water bath to add two - four leaves left with commission rules. There are using foot switch to fruit day reflexology massage. Fruit soft switch gradually from left to secrete service will clean the foot, foot petals smooth skin and people will feel well again soon
2. Use in food
dipping-sauce   Kumquat is one of the basic ingredients to make dipping sauce and dressing for salad
The basic dressing with kumquat includes:
• 2 tsp of fish sauce
• 1 tbsp of kumquat juice
• 1 tbsp of sugar
• 1/2 tsp of chilli and garlic
For the dressing recipe above you can do with many kinds of salad: morning glory (water spinach), banana blossom, green mango, green pawpaw, …

›› Recipe
  Mustard leaves roll with crunchy vegetables & shrimps - 8 rolls
(Serving with dipping sauce)

I. Ingredients (Including Dressing sauce, Crunchy vegetable, Prawns & Mustard leaves)

1. Dressing sauce
• Rice Vinegar
 o 2 tbsp of rice vinegar (giấm)
 o 1 tbsp of sugar
 o 1/2 tsp of salt
Mix all ingredients until the sugar is dissolved

• To prepare the vegetable dressing, mix half of the sweet and sour fish sauce with the rice vinegar. Keep the leftovers of sweet and sour fish sauce as a dipping sauce.

2. Crunchy vegetables
a. Ingredients
• 50g lotus stems (cọng ngó sen), cleaned and cut into 5 cm lengths
• 50g “Bon Bon” stems, sliced in 5cm lengths
• 50g dry “Tien Vua” soaked in water until soft & cut into 5cm lengths
• 50g “cu hu dua” (palm heart), thinly sliced in 5cm lengths
• 40g onion, finely sliced
• 40g carrot thinly sliced
• 30g minced fresh mint
• 30g minced fresh Vietnamese basil
• 40g whole cashews
• 10g stir-fried shallots

b. Direction
Mix all crunchy vegetables, leaves, fried shallots and cashews with all the dressing prepared as above about 5 minutes, then drain and set aside

3. Prawns
• 8 prawns strung on wooden stick
• Boiled the prawns in salted water and then peel and set aside

4. 8 Mustard leaves

II. Direction
• 300g crunchy vegetables
• 8 boiled prawns
• 8 mustard leaves
• 8 whole spring onions blanched until soft for fastening
• Divided the vegetables in 8 parts

On a plate place a spring onion under the mustard leaf, then add 1 part of the garniture and wrapped.

Top each roll with a prawn and tie the roll securely with a spring onion

Making dipping sauce - Sweet and sour fish sauce

• 4 tbsp of kumquat juice
• 4 tbsp of sugar
• 4 tsp of Nuoc Mam (fish sauce)
• 1/2 tbsp of chopped garlic
• 1/2 tbsp of chopped red chili

Mix all ingredients until sugar is dissolved, then add the chopped garlic and chili

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