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Oyster mushroom

Japanese mushroom

Fungus mushroom

Mushroom house

Baby oyster mushroom

Fun presentation for how to make mushroom

Oyster mushroom

Lingzi mushroom

Picking up straw mushroom

Picking up mushroom in Mushroom house

Mushroom house - Visitors not only discover a lot of kinds of mushroom to use for medicine & cooking, learn how to grow mushroom but also pick up mushroom for cooking class.


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"I had a great trip in HCM Cooking Class, I love the garden so much with many herbs & spices, nice people and fresh environment. I think I will take your service in my next holiday. Thank you!"
Axelle - France
  "Your service is the best way to get to know Vietnamese culture & cuisine!"
Anouk - Dutch
  "I enjoyed so much interesting things in HCM Cooking Class, a beautiful garden and many friendly people. I will recommend all people I know to get your service. Thank you!"
Angeline - France
  “Hi, I can grow Vietnamese herbs & spices in my garden follow your instruction. It’s not difficult. Anyhow, Thank you for the great time I enjoyed your service in HCM Cooking Class”
Alexi – France
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