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Equipments for cooking show

The chef makes dressing sauce

Black clay pot & gas station

The chef executes some Vietnamese dishes

The chef shows how to fry chicken in healthy way

How to mix well Vietnamese seasoning

Visitor try to learn how to cook Vietnamese dishes

The chef shows how to make chicken salad

The chef shows how to decorate Vietnamese dish

Adding enough oil for frying chicken

Cooking show - Visitors will have great time to see our professional chefs show their amazing cooking skills and enjoy many of healthy food.


Customers Feedback - Read more
"Thank you so much for the best service, I had great trip in Vietnam and enjoyed so many delicious food."
Adela - Spain
  "The most attractive cooking show I had ever seen. Thank you!"
Anna - Finland
  "I enjoyed so much interesting things in HCM Cooking Class, a beautiful garden and many friendly people. I will recommend all people I know to get your service. Thank you!"
Angeline - France
  “Hi, I can grow Vietnamese herbs & spices in my garden follow your instruction. It’s not difficult. Anyhow, Thank you for the great time I enjoyed your service in HCM Cooking Class”
Alexi – France
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