Program : Full day Cooking Class

Full day cooking class Program is the famous  program for people who want to learn more deeply about vietnamese cuisines but you do not have time to take our professional course  for long term or who really love to make some famous dishes in vietnam and enjoyed to cook it more at home or who want to learn some great techniques about Vietnamese Cuisine and apply much more vietnamese food at home later following unlimited recipes that we provide for you after finish the class 

watching this Videos to understanding more about our cooking class :

Vegan Class :

 Normal cooking class:

Start Ho Chi Minh City at 7:30am

-   Visiting HCM Agricultural Villages from 8:30am – 10:00am

+ Visiting Cow areas

+ Visiting Buffalo Areas

+ Visiting Rice Fields

+ Visiting Fish, prawn, chicken, duck areas

+ Visiting Big Herbs, Spices, Vegetables and Mushrooms areas

+ Challenges on the Garden Become real Vietnamese Farmer on Vietnamese Traditional Hat and Pick up a lot of Herbs ,spices ,Vegetables and Mushrooms on The Garden

-  cooking Challenges 10:00am -4:30pm

+ Hands on cooking class with 8 dishes and 1 dessert and enjoy what they have done

+ Enjoy Great Healthy Cooking Tips

+ Congratulation with nice certificate, recipes, souvenirs

+ Collect email and Update nice healthy recipes monthly


Pick up By Car in any Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City



Kids (6-11years old)








Pick up by Local Bus or Motorbike



Kids (6-11years old)









Included : cooking class ,Transfer ,guides ,chefs ,lunch ,certificate ,recipes ,sourvernirs ,fruits ,Iceteas ,napkin

Excluded: Personal expense such as soft drinks ,beers ….

  Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 7:00am - 9:00pm

 When you Booking with Us , Please Provide us The Date ,Your Full name ,Your Special food requirements( Choose our Famous Menu with 8 Dishes  and 1 dessert in the link: or

 or whatever you think it is famous in vietnam and you want to make ,Your Hotel name ,address ,phone number ,room number  
Booking hotline: (+84) 973 502 434

Booking Email :
Team building cooking class ,Birthday ,wedding and Special Events are available
Contact us for a tailor-made event

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HCM Cooking Class


HCM Cooking Class


Kids (6-11)




Team building available, contact us for a tailor-made event and quote

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 Customers Feedback

"Thanks to HCM Cooking Class for a wonderful trip to Vietnam. I & my friends enjoyed much great Vietnamese food, a beautiful Bonsai & animals’ farm I had never seen before. I have written and submitted a review to Trip Advisor so that others may know of your excellent service."

Barbara -  England

"We would like to thank the team at HCM Cooking Class for making our holiday in Vietnam extremely memorable. We have great time to cook and eat many healthy foods in cooking class & cooking show."

Rita & her family – USA


“Our trip is very interesting; we discovered many things in Vietnam, especially at HCM Cooking Class. I was very impressive with Chef Tan’s Cooking Show and learnt so much useful things about Vietnamese herbs & spices and how to cook in healthy way. Thank you so much for the service! ”

Julie & Anthony – Switzerland