Famous Vegan and Vegetarian dishes making from Fake Meat or Non Fake Meat

·        Nowsaday, many people want to enjoy vegies rather than meat for healthiness and want to safe life for animals but they are very hard to find the good places to make good vegies dishes or Vegan Dishes. HCM Cooking School come out with the ideas to help you enjoy great Vegan and Vegetarian dishes where you can see many dishes have chicken, beef, and pork, seafood making from Mock meat or Vegies Meat to feel more exciting when you enjoy

·        Come here to learn some dishes and take away for your home to make your famiy surprise

·        Choose 4 dishes would you like to learn and send for us. We will organise well for you


·        With people who want to open the restaurant we will have many extra dishes take more times to make and good for restaurant business please email us for inquiry 

Mock Meat , Veggies Meat Option 


 1.     Vegan Special Vietnamese Banh Mi ( Baguette ) with BBQ Beef Vegies   in special sauce

2.     Vegetables Spring Roll

3.     BBQ Beef wrap with Betel Leaves

4.     Rice Papers Roll with tofu and fish  

5.     Sticky rice cake stuffed with beef vegies and carrot

6.     Sweet and sour soup with fish vegies

7.     Steam wonton with fake chicken/tofu in garlic sauce

8.     fried wonton with fake chicken/tofu in garlic sauce

9.     honey tofu /chicken /fish  /muhsroom

10.   Crispy Mushroom/tofu with salt and pepper sauce

11.    wonton soup with fake chicken/tofu

12.  Pumkin flower stuffed with tofu /chicken

13.  Chicken feet with fish sauce / crispy chicken feet with salt and pepper sauce



1.   Mango  salad with BBQ pork chop vegies

2.   BBQ Eggplant with special HCM Cooking Sauce

3.   Pomelo salad with BBQ Fish

4.   Glass noodle salad with Spicy Squid

5.   Lotus salad with BBQ  Tofu/ BBQ fake Chicken

6.   Mustards Sprout with BBQ Fake Beef / fake tofu




1.     Stew Chicken cube vegies with Chilli and Lemongrass on the Clay Pot

2.     Beef vegies Herbs and spice soup hot Pot

3.     BBQ Pork Chop Vegies with chilli, lemongrass on fresh rice noodle

4.     Vegetables Soup Pho Chay 

5.     Stir fry beef vegies with sate sauce

6.     Stir fry squid with sweet and sour sauce

7.     Eggplant stuffed withchicken /tofu serve with mushroom sauce

8.     Bitter Melon Soup stuffed with tofu/fake beef

9.     Stir fry fake pork/ fake beef with chilli, lemongrass on fresh rice noodle

10. Crispy fake beef/ fake pork with chilli sauce

11.  Special Vietnamese Banh Mi (Baguette) with BBQ fake pork/chicken / beef /Prawn in sate sauce 

12. Fake Beef / pork mushroom hotpot

13.  Lotus fried rice




1.   Banana Spring Roll with Coconut Cream

2.   Grilled  Banana with Honey in The coconut Milks

3.   sticky rice cake stuffed with banana serve with coconut milk

4.   Corn, pandan cake

5.   Sweet potato, taro and tapioca pearl soup with coconut milk

6.   Sweet potato and taro cake

7.   Pineapple cake with coconut milk and caramelise sauce

8.   Banana fritter/pineapple fritter

9.   Corn banana cake/ pinapple corn cake 

Non Mock Meat and Vegetables Meat Option 

Famous Vegetarian Dishes


1.            fresh spring Roll with Vegetarian

2.            Famous tofu with Honey Sauce

3.            fried spring Roll with Vegetarian

4.            Crispy Oyster Mushrooms with salt and Pepper salt

5.            Crispy Wonton stuffed with Vegetarian

6.            Vegetables and Mushrooms Soup

7.            Stir fry Corn with Spring Onion sauce

8.            San Choi Bao with Vegetarian

9.            Crispy Tapioca with special sauce

10.          Tapioca Spring Roll

11.          Papaya Soup

12.          sticky Rice fritter stuffed with Tofu and Carrot

Salad :

1.     BBQ Eggplants with special Dressing sauce

2.     Papaya Salad with BBQ Tofu

3.     Moring Glory Salad with BBQ Tofu

4.     Mango salad with BBQ Tofu

5.     Cucumber salad with spicy sauce

Main Course

1.     Stew Tofu and Vegetables with Ginger ,Lemongrass on The Claypot

2.     Crispy Tofu with Salt And Pepper sauce

3.     BBQ Tofu with Ginger ,Lemongrass

4.     Stir fry Vegetables with Herbs and Spices sauce

5.     Stir fry Vegetables with Special Oyster Mushrooms sauce

6.     Stir Fry Noodle with Vegetables and Special Oyster Mushrooms Sauce

7.     Rice Noodle soup with Vegetables

8.     Crispy Eggplants Stuffed with Tofu

9.     Stir Fry Water Spinach with Garlic Sauce

10.  Crispy Tofu with Chilli Sauce

11.  Stir Fry Vegetables ,Mushrooms with Chilli and Lemongrass sauce

12.  Stir Fry Cucumber ,Pineapple ,tofu  and Tomato with Sweet and Sour Sauce

13.  Famous Tapioca with Herbs and Spices Sauce

14.  Famous Crispy Oyster Mushrooms with Chilli Sauce

15.  Stir Fry Vegetables and Tofu with Betel Leaves Sauce

 16 . Stir Fry Vegetables with Chilli ,Lemongrass on Fresh Rice Noodle

 17 . Steam Vegetables and Mushrooms in Special Oyster Mushrooms Sauce

 18 . Stir fry Melon with Garlic sauce

 19. BBQ Tofu stuffed with Herbs ,spices

 20 . Special Tapioca,Tofu and Vegetables with Rice Noodle Soup

 Dessert :

1. Famous Banana Spring Roll with Coconut Cream

2. BBQ Banana with coconut Milk

3. Banana Fritter with coconut cream

4. Vietnamese Melon Juice

5  . Corn with coconut Milk

6. Famous Dragon Fruit Juice

7. Water Melon Juice

8. Kumquats Juice

9. Mango Juice

10. Mung Bean Soup with Coconut Milk



Menu Option for People who love Cooking . Please Pick up 4 dishes that you like most in vietnam or in our special Menu with pictures : http://vietnamesevegancookingclass.com/menu.html

  and Send Email for us When you book  Our Cooking class . if You do not know what dishes would You Like to cook ?. Please Give us where are you from ? We will make special Menu for Your trip .

Note : We can do all dishes below with Vegan,Non Vegan and Halal and all Type of Diet 

Open Monday to Sunday from 7:00am - 9:00pm

Booking email : viettan@hochiminhcookingclass.com

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