HCM cooking class Weekly Menu

HCM Cooking Class - Weekly Menu



·         Green mustard soup with ginger and prawn canh cai nau voi tom

·         Sticky rice fritter stuffed w/ pork and carrot - Xôi nhân thịt chiên.

·         Chicken fried rice  wrap with banana leave– com chien ga cuon la chuoi  


·         Fried Saigon spring roll w/ prawn, pork & glass noodles. Fish sauce dip - Chả giò tom thit.

·         Stir-fry eggplant ,chicken fillet with chilli and lemongrass ca tim xao ga voi xa ot     

·         Stew Chicken in a clay pot with fresh ginger, basil, coconut juice and jasmine rice - Gà kho gừng.   


·         Mustard leaf rolls with crunchy vegetables & prawns. Sweet and sour fish sauce - Cuốn diếp

·         Lotus stems salad with prawns, pork, peanuts with cracker and a chili flower - Gỏi Ngó sen.

·         Char-grilled beef wrapped in Betel leaves served with fresh rice noodles and fresh leaves- Bò La Lot.


·         Sour soup with pineapple, tamarind, okra, Night scented lily stem, and prawns - Canh chua tôm.

·         Crab vegetable salad  with lettuce ,eggplant with chicken fillet  goi cang cua

·         Fresh rice noodles, raw vegetables, marinated BBQ pork, Nuoc Mam & Kumquat sauce - Bún thịt nướng.


·         Fresh spring rolls with prawns, pork and rice noodles. Peanut sauce dip - Gỏi cuốn.

·         Char – grilled beef salad with kumquat, mustard sprout, lemongrass and  eggplant- Gỏi bò nướng sả với tắc và cà tim

·         Crisp rice flour pancake with Mung bean, soya sprouts, pork and prawns - Bánh Xèo.


. Prawn wrap with rice paper and coriander stem “tom bay”

·   Water spinach salad with prawns, carrot, onion, fried garlic and shallots with a fish sauce and kumquat dressing- Gỏi rau muống

. Stew Curry chicken serve with Jasmine Rice - Ga Cari


·         Fresh spring rolls with vegetarian. Peanut sauce dip - Gỏi cuốn chay

·          Char –grilled chicken thigh with chili and lemongrass ga nuong xa ot

·         Traditional beef noodles soup with flat rice noodles & beef - Phở Bò.


Opening days: Monday to Sunday from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Information & Booking: (+84)0973502434 or (08)37942175

Email: Viettan@hochiminhcookingclass.com or info@hochiminhcookingclass.com

Website: hochiminhcookingclass.com

Menu could be change following demands of customers and season Vegetables

Team building available, contact us for a tailor-made event and quote.



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HCM Cooking Class


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Team building available, contact us for a tailor-made event and quote

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 Customers Feedback

"Thanks to HCM Cooking Class for a wonderful trip to Vietnam. I & my friends enjoyed much great Vietnamese food, a beautiful Bonsai & animals’ farm I had never seen before. I have written and submitted a review to Trip Advisor so that others may know of your excellent service."

Barbara -  England

"We would like to thank the team at HCM Cooking Class for making our holiday in Vietnam extremely memorable. We have great time to cook and eat many healthy foods in cooking class & cooking show."

Rita & her family – USA


“Our trip is very interesting; we discovered many things in Vietnam, especially at HCM Cooking Class. I was very impressive with Chef Tan’s Cooking Show and learnt so much useful things about Vietnamese herbs & spices and how to cook in healthy way. Thank you so much for the service! ”

Julie & Anthony – Switzerland