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1. Introduction
Westen Asian Travel Service Company, founded in 2012
2. Our services
We provide
- Culinary Tour –HCM Villages(  HCM Cooking Class ,Vietnamese medicine garden, Mushroom house,Cow Areas ,Buffalo areas,Rice Fields Areas ,Fish and Prawn Areas, cooking class & cooking show)
- Some other programs visiting Cu Chi tunnels, Bonsai & animals farm, Cassava Root restaurant, Rice paper villages, Rubber tree forest, Local cow milk farm, Rice field & Mushroom manufacturers
- Accommodation ( HCM Villages )
3. Our team

  Mr. Luong Viet Tan
The founder, Director & Head chef
“Hi everybody, I worked at Melbourne as professional chef for over 13 years, being Head Chef at Asian Cuisine, owner of Asian Restaurant in Australia .Cooking and gained Qualify Chef from Western Cuisine at William Angliss Institute. I have a great love with gardening, specially cooking combination between fresh food and medicine. For me, Vietnamese food includes a wide variety of vegetables and herbs instead of oil, extremely healthy. Therefore, I set up HCM Cooking School  - HCM Agricultural Villages and would love to share my passion of Healthy Food  and Vietnamese gardening skills for people who travel to understand Vietnamese cuisine & culture, more importantly eating for a healthy life” .In addition ,I have great chances to share many  my created dishes for many Professional chefs who love to open the  Vietnamese Restuarant in Their countries or Love to stand up in professional asian Kitchen . For me Nothing to be  secret " The More people know my food ,The more happiness I get "


Our Chefs and Tour Guides Team

We are chefs and Tour Guides who get well knowledge and Skills about Vietnamese cooking, farming, culture and Vietnamese History. We want to meet and share our knowledges and skills with all people from different countries around the world who travel in Vietnam. . We are different skins, different languages, different countries but we all have the same goal that is “Happy food is happy Life “, “Happy Travel is Happy Life “. We are here to make your happiness. Join with us, you will not regret


Join Our  Master Chefs Channels

We all love food and all love travel. We want to make the world smaller and Happier. Food is the best ways to discover the cultural countries of the world. Therefore we would like to introduce for you our master chef channels to help you discover the whole world  food and to make you understand well their countries  by cooking their food. Watching our channels by click on the Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChW4hbmMOjN8vADjQJVjB8w  or https://www.youtube.com/user/masterchefvideos/videos

Join Vietnamese food by watching this show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAR-NYFCy73cHinUr-lOAjGo4eTY0Lsp6

If you do not have chance to visit us. You can join our student’s restaurant in many different countries around the world  , America ( Colorado , San Francisco , Las Vegas ), Germany ( Berlin ) ,Canada ( Toronto , Vancouver ) ,Spain ( Marid ) , French ( Paris ) , China ( Shang Hai ) , Phillippine ( Manila ),Indonesia ( Bali ), Tawain ( Taitung ),Japan ( Osaka ), Australia (Townwille , Melbourne ), Switzerland ( Zurich ), Thailand ( Phuket ), England ( London ), Island , Newzealand (Auckland ) , India ( Bangalore  ), Austria ( Vienna ), Ukraine (Kiev) , Polland ( Warsaw ) , Netherland (Utrecht ), Malaysia (Kuala  Lumpur) Hongkong and Singapore


 and Over 500 employees working at HCM Agricultural Villages, Mushroom manufacturers, rice Paper factory always welcome you . Join with us now

See us more details By watching us with Some TV Channels

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By VTV3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2WQoRTDbqw

By VTC10 English Version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh6lV2_lNM0

Japanese Newspaper : http://hochiminh.keizai.biz/headline/90/



By VTC10 English and Vietnamese Version 












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HCM Cooking Class


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 Customers Feedback

"Thanks to HCM Cooking Class for a wonderful trip to Vietnam. I & my friends enjoyed much great Vietnamese food, a beautiful Bonsai & animals’ farm I had never seen before. I have written and submitted a review to Trip Advisor so that others may know of your excellent service."

Barbara -  England

"We would like to thank the team at HCM Cooking Class for making our holiday in Vietnam extremely memorable. We have great time to cook and eat many healthy foods in cooking class & cooking show."

Rita & her family – USA


“Our trip is very interesting; we discovered many things in Vietnam, especially at HCM Cooking Class. I was very impressive with Chef Tan’s Cooking Show and learnt so much useful things about Vietnamese herbs & spices and how to cook in healthy way. Thank you so much for the service! ”

Julie & Anthony – Switzerland